The Drunken Lion

The Drunken Lion

It was the birthday of Tu Di Gong (The Earth God) at Sar Kong Mun San Fu Tak Chi at Sims Place, one of the view Cantonese Temples in Singapore. In the old days when this was still a village, it was known to the Cantonese as Sar Kong. Over the years, the landscape changed but the temple remained, ageing and becoming ancient as new buildings sprung all around it. But each year during this time, 2nd day of the second lunar month, former residents would come back to pay respects to Tu Di Gong.

There would be lion dances (from the temple association’s own troupe) and Cantonese Opera. Every once in a few years, the temple would have a “Fire Dragon” where devotees put their burning joss sticks into the straw dragon made from rice straws, specially imported from China for the construction of the dragon. In the night, when it was rather dark,  the dragon came aglow as it twirled and danced along the streets, skilfully handled by the troupe members.

This year, 2010, the Drunken Lion gave a fantastic performance.

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